camping | mcloed river | photo journal 6

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Hey friends,

So we bought a trailer.

We didn’t think we would this year, but it kind of landed in our lap. It is my dream trailer, and has been for years now. So when it came up for sale we had to snag it up!

We’ve used it a couple times this summer. At the Wild Mountain Music Festival, camping with some friends and then for this trip. A place called McLoed River Campground, just our little family. The campground is so remote (literally have to drive half an hour down a dirt road) but it is so peaceful once you are there! The campsites are super far apart from one another and the river is very close. It was perfect. I loved the sound of the river flowing.

I’m really happy we got to get one more little camping trip in before school starts. I brought my camera, and I’m excited to share the photo’s with you. So sit back, and enjoy my documents of our trip.

Most of these images are freelensed. I love to focus on all the little details of my life.












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the green house | photo journal 5

Photo Diary

Hello friends,

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts. I plan on doing more of them. I always feel like I have so much to say and so much to share…but why is it so hard to just blog it!?

I few weeks ago we went to visit Nana and Papa…they just moved to a new home and all of us are just obsessed with the new home. It’s every photographers dream as it has the most gorgeous light! Every time we go to visit I find myself drawn to this greenhouse they have. It’s got the most gorgeous light and it is so moody in there. My cup of tea.

So today I’m sharing all the images I captured for our first time in there…and just fair warning…there will be many more “sessions” of the boys in this green house as I fell in love. Hope you love these as much as I do!


This image above is a freelensed image. I am falling in love with the blur freelensing creates…and the mood. All of my freelensed images are typically moody! These next few are also freelensed.


If you’ve been following me on instagram ( you know that this is the perspective I adore the most. I could take photo’s of the boys all day long from above.


a couple more freelensed images above. I just adore these boys. Anders saw the watering can and immediately picked it up (it had water in it) so he started watering the very dead plants…such a precious little heart.


I love the connection my boys have. Yes they fight like brothers…but they also have this beautiful love for one another too. The interaction between them makes my mama heart so so happy.



camping trip | photo journal 4

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It has been a while since I’ve made a blog post. A lot has happened. I was just scrolling through my latest blog posts and found myself becoming more and more heartbroken as I got to previous posts. I no longer have a pregnant belly…I am no longer doing pregnancy updates and for those of you that don’t know, we lost our little guy at about 35 weeks pregnant. I never thought we’d be a family to experience delivering a stillborn…but we have. I’m not gonna go into the full story as this isn’t what this post is. But if you haven’t already watched our story on our son, Leif (who is with Jesus now), please go and watch the videos we created. We put them in two parts on our Youtube channel, so be sure to watch them both. Here is the link for you: Our Story of our Baby Leif

It has been a very crazy past couple of weeks; very emotional at times, but we are recovering slowly. I’m sure the hurt and pain of losing a baby will never go away, but I’d have to say we are doing pretty well considering all we’ve been through. Our little guy is pain free with Jesus now, and that gives us peace.


The beginning of this week we had the opportunity to go out camping. Some pretty awesome friends of ours lent us their trailer and canoe for our trip (one day we will have some of our own).

Monday night we spent the morning just getting organized for our two-night camping trip, then we dropped our boys off at their Nana & Papa’s house. Jayden’s parents offered to take all 6 grandchildren for a first sleepover at their house, so Jayden and I thought it would be great to do some camping while he still has the rest of the summer off. Once we packed everything up we went to our campsite and set everything up, then we went for a drive and did a bit of exploring.

When we got back to the site we decided to start getting our supper figured out!

My drink of choice is always ciders, I just love them, so simple yet so delicious. Also you always have to have a spider friend try and join ya right? This one was extra creepy, Jayden eventually moved him into the woods.

I could stare at this guy all day long. Plus he let’s me experiment with practice shots and doesn’t even get (that) irritated!

Who else loves baked beans when they go camping? This dinner was seriously so easy to prep and so simple yet so good!

A caveman beard, and a pipe in his mouth. That’s my guy. Also have you ever had bannock on a stick? It is one of our favourite camping food must haves. I mean who doesn’t like bread dipped in butter?


It took me a while to get this shot, I wanted his face to be pretty focused as well as the smoke. vision…accomplished! Love when that happens (even after a few tries).

We just sat by the fire the entire night and enjoyed each others company. It’s not very often it’s just the two of us. We did catch ourselves talking about and missing our little boys far too much though (even Jayden admitted that).

Tuesday morning we met with Jared & Emma at a creek near our camp. They had their canoe all ready and we had ours…we planned to canoe the creek together. I didn’t bring my Sony a7iii, but I did bring my little Canon G7x. It did an awesome job of capturing all the moments. The creek took about three hours to paddle and took us through four different lakes!



Later in the afternoon we went and picked the boys up, they were so excited to join us for camping in the trailer!

I loved the feeling I had bringing the boys to the site, they were so happy to be there! It was such a special little memory for us to cherish as a family. They ripped on their bikes almost the entire time and just explored the area!

so. much. joy.




We spent the rest of the evening just playing at the park, eating bannock on a stick and s’mores and then put the boys to bed. We could hear them talking to each other as we sat out by the fire. Remembering the times when we would have adventures with our families and not being able to fall asleep. Good times. A good reminder to “let them be little”.

The next morning we ate breakfast and then went and did a little bit of fishing off the dock.



This one makes my heart sing….what a dreamy photo captured. This is not fog, though it sure looks a lot like it. I’m very sad to report that it’s smoke from some wildfires in BC. The smoke is very bad here in Alberta and I just cannot imagine how it is for the folks in BC…prayers going out to them.



Isaiah is going to be such an outdoorsy dude, this boy is always up for outdoor activities!

What a fun time spent with each other, it was exactly what Jayden and I needed after experiencing losing Leif. A night together and a night away. It was so nice to have a kid-free night, but we were so happy to have them with us the second night. As we watched them riding their bikes to the park in that first photo of them above…I remember saying to him, “this is better…having our boys here with us”

As we go through this time of loss of our little Leif, we are growing closer to each other. We have each other. Always.




ancient forest | photo journal 3

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Hello friends,

Last Monday we drove home from Prince George, and decided to stop in for a little hike into an ancient forest. It was the Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park! We didn’t go for the full hike, maybe about 2km of it. But we were able to see some pretty incredible things. There is just something so rewarding about exploring in the forest, especially one with so much history attached. But boy oh boy were there mosquitos so it definitely kept us moving on our hike. It’s also pretty amazing as a mama witnessing your tiny little humans walking through an forest with crazy tall trees. It was refreshing to stop at this forest, during our long journey home from Prince George. Jayden and I were just talking about how when we go somewhere we always just want to get there, but it’s memories like these that the boys will remember…us taking the time to let them stretch their little legs, and us actually exploring some of these little gem places along our way to our destinations.


I love watching this guy as a dad, maybe a sappy mama here, but it actually makes me fall more in love with him as the days go by!

It was also a little bit windy, some of the trees were swaying and creaking. A bit creepy, but oh so cool!


We’ll have to stop here again in the future to see how much our boys grow over the years! How neat would that be?




Thanks for stopping by!



family lake day | ice cream | photo journal 2

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Hello friends!

Last Monday was Victoria Day so we had a no school day! We made some plans with Jayden’s brother and his family to go hang out at Jasper Lake for the afternoon! I know my last post was about Jasper Lake too…but wow look at the difference in the water level! This “beach” is seriously the best…surrounded by mountains and family never get’s old. It really is such a blessing to have kids at the same time…having Jared & Emma and their 3 beautiful girls in our life is amazing. Being able to spend time with them and have us all together is always fun! So sit back and enjoy a bunch of beach babes as we soaked up some beautiful much needed sunshine. I am absolutely loving my new camera and lens, it’s been so rewarding learning how to use it!




Anders and Henrik have a bond that is the sweetest thing on the planet. He took a little stroll to go and give Henrik a big snuggle in between play time. Fun fact Henrik hates to get wet, we had him hanging out by the only shade on the beach. We tried to get him in the water but he looks pretty ridiculous when doing so haha.

Isaiah and uncle Jared were having a water fight. I love these shots!


After the lake, I was hot…very hot! So we ventured off to Jasper to grab some ice cream at one of our favorite places to go! Scoops & Loops!


and then…all was good in the world for this mama.




What a perfect afternoon with my little loves! And it’s always fun hanging out with the cousins too! Summer is gonna be super fun this year, and super hot, but that’s ok…cause I’ll just eat ice cream all summer!


  1. Hat: H&M (here’s one similar Hat)
  2. Tankini: Old Navy (Maternity Tankini Top)
  3. Skirt: Motherhood Maternity (Maternity Skirt) I tied mine in a knot at my ankles
  4. Ruana: Fab Fit Fun 2017 Summer Box (here’s one similar Ruana)




my little tribe | lake day | photo journal 1

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Hello Friends!

This past Saturday we packed the boys up and took a drive into the mountains. It is always such a treat driving through the Rocky Mountains and it still blows my mind that we only live 25 minutes away from them!!! I Love where we live…I’ve always been one to see the mountains from my town and I just have to sigh….breath in the view. Driving through the mountains…never…gets…old.

This lake is definitely one of my favorite lakes to visit, as you can walk across without even reaching your waist in water and to be surrounded by mountains is just unbelievable! Jasper Lake…you never disappoint.







This was the first time the boys had their little toes in the sand since last summer. They were so excited to feel the sand…it was actually really hot though, that sun was beating down and really heating up the sand!





The littlest boy in our tribe. Running to catch up with his brothers!



It is starting to really hit me that we are going to be a family of 6! That we will be welcoming a baby boy (our 4th baby boy) into our family in a few short months.

All the thoughts and feelings running through me at the lake where just pure Joy. I’m so proud to be a boy mama. These little boys make my mama heart so happy and I am such a blessed mama. My little tribe of boys!



What a perfect little afternoon with my little family, I am so excited for what this summer will bring and I hope that I don’t overheat too much while I’m 7-9 months pregnant!!! What kind of adventures do you like to get up to with your family? I have some exciting plans for us this summer.