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Hello Friends!

This past Saturday we packed the boys up and took a drive into the mountains. It is always such a treat driving through the Rocky Mountains and it still blows my mind that we only live 25 minutes away from them!!! I Love where we live…I’ve always been one to see the mountains from my town and I just have to sigh….breath in the view. Driving through the mountains…never…gets…old.

This lake is definitely one of my favorite lakes to visit, as you can walk across without even reaching your waist in water and to be surrounded by mountains is just unbelievable! Jasper Lake…you never disappoint.







This was the first time the boys had their little toes in the sand since last summer. They were so excited to feel the sand…it was actually really hot though, that sun was beating down and really heating up the sand!





The littlest boy in our tribe. Running to catch up with his brothers!



It is starting to really hit me that we are going to be a family of 6! That we will be welcoming a baby boy (our 4th baby boy) into our family in a few short months.

All the thoughts and feelings running through me at the lake where just pure Joy. I’m so proud to be a boy mama. These little boys make my mama heart so happy and I am such a blessed mama. My little tribe of boys!



What a perfect little afternoon with my little family, I am so excited for what this summer will bring and I hope that I don’t overheat too much while I’m 7-9 months pregnant!!! What kind of adventures do you like to get up to with your family? I have some exciting plans for us this summer.





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