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Hello friends,

Last Monday we drove home from Prince George, and decided to stop in for a little hike into an ancient forest. It was the Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park! We didn’t go for the full hike, maybe about 2km of it. But we were able to see some pretty incredible things. There is just something so rewarding about exploring in the forest, especially one with so much history attached. But boy oh boy were there mosquitos so it definitely kept us moving on our hike. It’s also pretty amazing as a mama witnessing your tiny little humans walking through an forest with crazy tall trees. It was refreshing to stop at this forest, during our long journey home from Prince George. Jayden and I were just talking about how when we go somewhere we always just want to get there, but it’s memories like these that the boys will remember…us taking the time to let them stretch their little legs, and us actually exploring some of these little gem places along our way to our destinations.


I love watching this guy as a dad, maybe a sappy mama here, but it actually makes me fall more in love with him as the days go by!

It was also a little bit windy, some of the trees were swaying and creaking. A bit creepy, but oh so cool!


We’ll have to stop here again in the future to see how much our boys grow over the years! How neat would that be?




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